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Investment Quality Trends

Kelley Wright is President of Investment Quality Trends and managing editor of a monthly newsletter that provides quality financial data valued by both professional money managers and consumers alike. Kelley has been a keynote speaker at national events such as the MoneyShow and has been a guest speaker on CNBC and other financial news programs. [View]

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Athena Wealth Strategies

Julie, Maritza and Robin sought to combine their knowledge, resources and client bases to form one company with one vision. AMS Marketing & Design had the privilege to be a part of these efforts from the ground up in developing the name, logo, brand identity, collateral materials and website. [View]

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Nikki Incandela Photography

Nikki Incandela, international photographer and speaker shows her amazing work throughout the website. Clients are inspired by the work they see which helps attract new customers for her work. [View]

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Collaboration Breakthrough

Follow the story of an almost fictitious finance grad as he experiences four different workplaces. You're likely to find your own workplace among them. Then, get the Breakthrough Tools you need to make the shift to a Collaborative Workplace wherever you are and regardless of your job title. Creating a Collaboration Breakthrough is not only doable, it's essential in today's highly chaotic, competitive, uncertain, and every-changing business landscape. The only question is do you have the courage to make it happen? [View Collaboration Breakthrough]

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Sound Solutions Inc.

Sound Solutions Digital Surveillance Group brings custom surveillance solutions to businesses, warehouses, retail stores and financial institutions throughout their market area. Site shows custom features for each industry.

[View Digital Surveillance Group site]

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Work Ignited

With decades of personal experience as leaders, coaches, and organizational development professionals, we know first-hand, the challenges that organizations face including hiring and promoting the right people, building accountability, developing talent, and encouraging collaborative teams. Whether you're looking for strategic input, dynamic facilitation, or just the best tools to "do-it-yourself", you've come to the right place.

[View Work Ignited website]

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Black Box Principals

Black Box Principals is a non-traditional strategic consulting firm. Their clients count on them to evaluate the underlying fundamentals of their business, assess it in an unbiased, systematic and comprehensive method which they can then put into action to realize the greatest achievable potential. They understand that the typical, protracted, standard and costly engagements with traditional strategy firms are not suitable for the present demands of the C-Suite or Investors.

[View Black Box Principals website]

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Park West Hair Design & Spa

Park West Hair Design & Spa displays their services with big, bold photos that are sure to inspire guests to try new styles and colors.

[View Park West Hair Design & Spa]

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Lombardi Contracting Corporation

Lombardi Contracting displays their very impressive work in the Hall of Fame section of their website. The gallery of photos is broken down by Guest Rooms & Suites, Public Areas, and Special Projects.  All pages on the custom site were built with an interface to easily allow the client to upload and change photos as new projects come to completion.

[View Lombardi Hall of Fame section website]

Understanding Your Goals

Our process begins with understanding your goals. Your website is an extension of your business. While websites are fluid and can change and grow as you do, we want to start out on the right foot. We’ll begin by asking you a lot of questions about your immediate business strategies and goals because they will influence how we position your company or organization on the web.

Analyzing Your Competition

While some businesses dominate their field, others have a vast amount of competition to deal with. We won’t overlook this. Before we start creating we’ll take a look at what your closest competitors are doing and gather ideas about how you can stand out.

Embracing Your Brand

We recognize that your company’s brand needs to be strong no matter what medium we are using. If you have a strong brand we will adhere to all brand standards and apply them to your new site. If you feel that your brand may need some help, we can do that too.

Website Functionality

It’s not just about content on the site, functionality plays an important part too. We’ll help with lots of ideas about how to make key content stand out, how to make large amounts of information interactive and easy to understand, and how to keep visitors coming back. When it comes to functionality on the web, if you can dream it we can make it happen.

Original Content

Original content and images on your site are really important. After all, you don’t want your site to look like everyone else’s. Yes, we know it’s often faster and easier to simply “copy and paste” something you’ve found elsewhere....but the search engines greatly penalize you for that. We’ll work with you to develop content unique to you that will reflect your company’s services and personality.