Brand Identity

What Is Branding?

The world is filled with millions of brands all vying for our attention. Why should consumers choose one brand over another? Strong brands stand out in a crowded marketplace. It is not enough just to be different. Brands need to demonstrate those differences and make it easy for the consumer to understand. The goal of branding is to build awareness and extend customer loyalty.

Brands are something people feel attached to. They trust them and believe in their superiority.

Catalysts To Start the Branding Process

New Company or Product

  • I’m starting a brand new business and I need some business cards and a website to tell potential customers about what I do.

  • We’ve developed a new product and it needs a name and a product logo

  • A campaign needs to have a life of its own and create its own identity to raise venture capital.

Name Change or Merger

  • We have outgrown our name. It no longer fits who we are and the business we are in.

  • Our name has negative connotations in the new market we are in.

  • Our name misleads customers. They do not understand what we do.

  • We’ve merged. We want to build on the brand equity of two companies.

Revitalize a Brand

  • Our business has changed since we founded the company. We need our customers to better understand who we are now.

  • We want to appeal to a new market and the demographics are much different than our current customer base.

  • We need to communicate more about who we are. Our message is getting lost.

  • We are a great company with great products but we look behind the times.

Reasons to Invest In Brand Strategy


Make it easy for the customer to buy.

A good brand identity helps make a company easily recognizable, manage perceptions, and differentiate it from its many competitors.

A strong product brand is distinctive from its competitors while delighting customers and creating loyalty.


Make it easy for the sales force to sell.

From the CEO to customer service to the front lines in retail environments -- everyone is selling. Strong brand identities work across different audiences to build awareness and understanding about a company, its products and strengths.


Increased awareness, recognition and loyalty

Every company wants to increase value, their reputation and sales. Much of their success is based on building and preserving their brand and communicate their company’s value.

Strong brand equity equals increased awareness, recognition and customer loyalty.

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